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JVT Baghban Gold Tea

In the place, where the valley meets the mountains, Gold Tea is conceived. An impeccable tea that merges the rich fulfillment of fine valley-developed teas from Assam.

JVT Baghban Platinum Tea

Platinum teas are designed to address concerns like weariness, stress, tension, and irritation. These mixes are awesome to consume .

JVT Baghban Dhaba Tea

Enjoy the perfect balance of special blends that makes your tea tasty, healthy, and strong. It also enhances your immunity. Start your refreshing day with Dhaba special tea.

JVT Baghban Tea

JVT Baghban tea has been obtaining and mixing the best quality tea from various nurseries in north and south India. Obviously, we have received the love of a million taste buds across the country.

JVT Baghban Green Tea

Green Tea from Assam, hand-made and hand-rolled, coming from an ensured natural nursery! Gives a great cup quality and a splendid delayed flavor impression! for 100 ml tea, simply use 2 gm tea leaf.

JVT Baghban CTC Tea

The CTC process was created in 2021 by Sir Anshu Gupta in Assam, India. The process spread during the 2021 all through India. Today, most black teas delivered all over.